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Author Dr. Alicia del Prado

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It's Time To Talk (and Listen):

How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, Ability & Gender in a Polarized World

by Anatasia S. Kim PhD, Alicia del Prado PhD, 

Foreword by Kevin L. Nadal PhD 

Conversations about controversial topics can be difficult, painful, and emotionally charged. This user-friendly guide will help you engage in effective, compassionate discussions with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers about race, immigration, gender, marriage equality, sexism, marginalization, and more.



by Alicia del Prado (Author), Shebani Patel (Author), Lauren Lee (Illustrator)

Proud of My Mommy

Everyday many mommies work inside and outside of the home to provide the best for their children and families. Follow the journey of several children and their working moms to learn how they address staying connected while being apart, and how each working mom contributes to the betterment of their community.


Speaking from the Heart - Psychology Today


Psychologists off the Clock: Effective Conversations About Diversity Issues with Drs. Anatasia Kim and Alicia del Prado

Why is it so hard to have conversations about race, sexuality, gender, and ability, with Miguel E. Gallarado: 

Additional Publications

I have written on multiculturalism in psychology, including the role of ethnicity in therapy, the experiences of multiracial Americans, and cultural values of Filipino Americans. I also collaborated on multiple cross-cultural research studies with participants in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States. Publications include:


Title: The Multiracial Movement: Bridging Society’s Language Barrier (2009)

 Authors: del Prado and Lyda 

Source: Diversity in Mind Action

Title: Broaching Ethnicity in Therapy (2010)

Authors: Sanchez, del Prado and Davis 
Source: Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies

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