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del Prado Consulting Services

I provide consulting to companies and universities seeking to build stronger, more culturally inclusive work environments. 

Our Clients

"Working with Dr. Alicia del Prado has been one of my favorite experiences.[...] We appreciated how thoughtful she was during the process, especially how she curated her presentation to the needs and culture of the college.  Her presentation alongside Dr. Anatasia S. Kim was so enriching and well-attended that it prompted our Asian American and Pacific Islander education association to create ongoing professional development sessions based on their book."


Positive Pathways
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Help your team learn skills to improve engagement, effectiveness, and productivity. Learn to circumvent confusion and use transitions to build a stronger workplace. Bridge generational differences and help your team address microaggressions involving, racism, sexism, and cultural diversity. 

I specialize in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, and will help your team learn skills to improve engagement, effectiveness, and productivity. My customized consulting plan will not only positively impact job satisfaction, and your overall work culture; but also maximize your return on investment.

Consulting Needs
Let us know about your current consulting needs in the form below, and we will get back to you to schedule and time to discuss your needs in depth.

Thank you! We will contact you soon to schedule our preliminary consultation.

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