by Alicia del Prado (Author), Shebani Patel (Author), Lauren Lee (Illustrator)

Proud of My Mommy

Everyday many mommies work inside and outside of the home to provide the best for their children and families. Follow the journey of several children and their working moms to learn how they address staying connected while being apart, and how each working mom contributes to the betterment of their community.



"It's difficult to be a working mom, missing milestones and events. This book will not only help alleviate some of that mom guilt, but will also let your children see the difference you are making in the world, and no matter where you are working - near or far, night or day - your heart is always home."

— Ernabel Demillo, Host of "Asian American Life" on CUNY-TV


"I wish I had this book when my children were growing up! It's a beautiful celebration of all mothers and the many, remarkable hats they wear." 


— Shelley Zalls, The Female Quotient




Alicia del Prado, Ph.D.  •  Psychologist PSY 24116   •  Wright Institute Faculty

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