Consulting Services

Diversity and Multiculturalism

I provide consulting to colleges, universities, and corporate environments on multiculturalism and diversity issues. Enhancing multicultural competency in work environments can have positive impacts on communication, effectiveness, job satisfaction, and overall work culture. I will work with you to develop a consulting plan that meets your current needs regarding multiculturalism. Consulting can occur one-on-one, in work teams, or other group environments, and can be a combination of experiential, didactic, and advisory elements. Previous consultation seminars I've designed and facilitated include those on: racism, cultural identity, ethnicity, race, multiracial issues, and Filipino culture.

Scheduling Consulting Services

To discuss how I may be able to help you with your consulting needs, please call me at 510-841-9230 x141 or email me. In preparation for our call, please complete the Consulting Form.

Fees are contingent upon factors such as length of service, materials provided, preparatory meetings, and travel time.

Dissertation and Thesis

Completing a dissertation or thesis is often the final project that can prevent students from completing their academic programs. I coach graduate students through the research and writing process of dissertations, theses, and research projects. I provide support and information around ways to successfully navigate the research journey, including addressing issues such as goal-setting, time-line planning, and roadblocks to writing. I offer additional resources that complement the content knowledge and role of your dissertation committee members or advisors.

Fee: $100 for 50 minutes